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MFL Sunday Sitdown

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MFL Sunday Sitdown

Post by Tails on Wed Dec 10, 2014 1:59 pm

We recently had a sit down with Owner Rashaud about his New England Patriots and the up and downs they have been having this season and other items of hot topic. We hope you enjoy!

Q. Nice to have you here with us, The first thing we all want to know is Why Tom Brady is not your starting Qb? Even when current starter Jimmy Garoppolo went down with a foot injury, You traded for QB Zach Mettenberger! Is there something we are missing??

A. First off, Im happy to be invited here. We had internal discussions with Coach and really wanted to go the youth route. Throwing our QB into the fire against arguably the best Division in this league would surly give him the much needed experience. he has shown flashes and is the QB of the future but we need to keep working on his mechanics. Brady will always be remembered for what hes done here and his Number will be retired here one day. But we just feel its time to move on. 

Q. You had Vontae Davis and Revis and this past offseason traded them to AFC rivals Colts and Broncos! What was the reason for this? 

A. Vontae and Revis were both great players. I just felt that we had too much Cap invested in those two and we had more needs in other places. There is no Ill will to those players and we wish them the best in their future endeavors.

Q. We all know how tough this division is with two of the past AFC champions coming out this division. Do you think this team can make the jump and be competitive?

A. That is what i hope. The fans here are used to winning and we havent been able to live up to their expectations. I think we need one more year and then we will be competing with those teams. 

Q. What is your biggest weakness on this team?

A. Im currently making calls to acquire an All Pro interior linemen so that should tell you right there. 

Q. Your team is about to go through a Gauntlet coming up with Steelers, Dolphins, Bills and Chiefs. What are you expecting?

A. We have to go .500 during that stretch. No excuses.

Q.Who do you think is the best team in this division?

A. Yea im not going to answer that but i will say that I want us to beat Miami more than any other team in this division. That is something that ive been pressing to this team and Coach.

Q. Your secondary has gotten younger in 1 season after DBs like Tramon Williams, Browner, Revis and Vontae have left via Trades or FA. How do you feel about these young guys?

A. They are our future and Ive been very impressed with them. Give them a couple of seasons and they will be a force.

Q. Last Question! There have been rumors about moving from New England the past couple of months! Can you confirm that?

A. We will always be the New England Patriots as long as i own this team.


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