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1 ) You become a manager of a team and act as the owner/GM. Making trades, signing free agents, and drafting new talent. All trades are to be posted for the trade person to watch over, to make sure no one is being taken advantage of. But we do understand we are all men/women making our own choices.

2 ) All the games are to be NFL Simulation. This adds to the reality factor that your team wouldn't risk injury during certain win situations. No use of game glitches are permitted, as they don't do this in real life. Games are to be played three times a week, that way there is a steady flow. Advancement of Weeks, are every Monday 10pm Pacific Time, Wednesday 10pm Pacific Time, and Saturday 10am pacific time. If you miss one game, You will receive a warning along with a temp boot. If you miss 2 games, You will be booted from the League without Question. We do not read minds so if you can not play, Please inform us.. We are just a PM away.

3 ) We are mandating people to use the scheduling Sub forum now. Everyone will schedule their game on the subforums from now on. (Madden 13). You will NOT receive a sub if you don't have a Scheduling post. It should take at the most a day to make a small post on the thread. We all have lives and important matters but it only takes 30 seconds or less to type up your schedule.

4 ) Have good sportsmanship and respect toward your opponent. If game is out of reach and you've sealed the victory, run the football and milk the clock as much as possible so that the game can end and receive your win. If your opponent has no time outs, and you can kneel it out, do so. This also includes onside kicks. The "surprise" onside kick is limited to one per game anyway, so use it when you see fit. Preferably when down. Onside kicks, are meant to be used in "no choice" situations. Again, it is all respectful game play.

5 ) Don't run the same play or play type every play. Learn your playbook and have a balanced attack offensively and defensively. Don't run out of bounds on kickoffs so that you're not blocked then make the tackle. That's a penalty in the NFL therefore is not allowed. No nano blitzing or any other foul play that gives you an advantage to win a game. Do not circle your players while on defense. This is "cheese" style speed boost. Do not stack your Defense. What is stacking? When you line a player directly behind a D-Linemen so that the CPU AI doesn't recognize the player behind the D-Linemen. Do not run up the score or stat pad. Is it so hard to win a game the honorable way?

6 ) If the game disconnects, there's not much that can be done about this issue. If game is in the second half and there's a clear winner go ahead and count game if it gives you the option. If it's still early in the game go ahead and restart it and play from beginning. Of course it can be unfair but it is a problem that is out of our control. We have to manage it as best as possible.

7 ) Going for it on 4th down. 1st through 3rd Quarters, you are only permitted to go for it if you are down by 3 scores. 4th Quarter, if you are losing by 2 scores or more, it is permitted to go for it. If you are losing by 8 or less, you may not go for it, unless it is in the final 4 minutes. At the same token, the opponent may choose to go for it in the final 2 minutes to keep the ball away from the opposition. Use common sense, which some Owners lack. if up big, punt it. In a close game, go for it, with in reason.

8 ) You may never play the cpu. You must request for a sub player. If you break this rule, penalties, and possible dismissal from the league may happen.

9 ) Be sure to remain active on the website. This is not optional as no Owner likes to have to hunt down their opponent. Check in every other day, and everything will be fine. We replace Owners that are not on the website. This again goes with rule 3 so if you can't be a committed owner and take a few seconds out of your day to visit the chat or even the site in general.. Then this is not the league for you.

10) No Huddle. This is strictly enforced. No Huddle is permitted at any time during the game, as long as these following rules are followed. You call a a no huddle....and then you allow the team to huddle again. Running consecutive no huddle's for an entire drive is seen as "cheese play" and is punishable.

11 ) For Madden 25, We WILL NOT be dealing with childish people. If you can't handle something without resorting to it by acting childish or immature, There will consequences that could result in a boot from the league. We should have all learned from the problems we had in M12, so lets not repeat them. You know who you are...